England (Great Britain) vs Croatia – Is tennis telling us the score?

Tonight England face Croatia in the semi final of the world cup, the first time England have made it this far through the tournament since 1990. Back then Ivan Lendl was world number 1, Croatia wasn’t even a country, and players such as G. Dimitrov, A. Zverev and D. Thiem hadn’t even been born. We wondered if we had a look at matches between Croatian and Engl… sorry British players in recent years, we could predict tonights result. So looking at the head to heads from players in the ATP Top 100

Andy Murray and Marin Cilic have faced each other 3 times since 2016, with Murray up 2 to 1. Kyle Edmund and Cilic have faced each other twice, with Cilic winning both. Murray has also faced Borna Coric, with Coric winning. If we judge tonight by that, England are going to lose 4 – 2, so lets try something else.

Football is a team game, and in one of the best team games in tennis, the Davis Cup, Great Britain have faced Croatia twice in the history of the tournament. The first, back in 2007, ended in a 4 – 1 win for Great Britain, the second was in 2013, another 4 – 1 win for Great Britain. Based on that, I would put a bet on a 4 -1 win for England!

Its coming home.

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