Were the right seeds sown on the the grass of Wimbledon?

And for another year, it is over. The two week excitement of one of the greatest sporting events of the year is over, and this time it seemed more then ever, there were shocks, surprises and upsets. For years, it seemed like the Wimbledon script had already been basically written, would it be Federer, Murray or Novak holding the Wimbledon Trophy at the end, and which Williams sister would it be in the final? Even though this year Serena was in the final and Novak did hold the trophy at the end, you probably wouldn’t have predicated that at the start. It is well known that the Wimbledon committee apply their own seeding system, due to the short grass court season. Generally, they get quite close, however in this championships, the seeds system seemed to go out the window. We have already commented on how half the singles seeds went out in the first few days, and when we then look at the finals of the main five events, it does not get any better.

Out of the 10 finalists from the Singles, Doubles and Mixed, only 3 were seeded in the top 10 at 3rd, 7th and 8th. If you add the finalists seedings up from this year you get a total of 92 plus an unseeded player, which is very high considering a perfect draw would be 15. In last years championships it was 65 (plus 1 unseeded player), in 2016 it was 34 (plus 2 unseeded players) and in 2015 it was 64, with no unseeded players in the final.

If you even look back into the Semi finals, there were no number 1 seeds still in the tournament, the highest seeds were Nadal at 2, and Krejčíková/Siniaková at 3 with nearly all the rest in the teens or unseeded altogether. Roger Federer and Babos/Mladenovic were the last remains number 1 seeds, and were both defeated in the quarter finals.

Its interesting how you get annoyed when the same people win tournaments year after year, however when other people then do win, it ends up losing part of its prestige. People still say about Marin Cilic’s 2014 US Open win, ‘It was only against Nishikori’ forgetting that he justly defeated Federer in the Semi final, with Nishikori doing the same to Djokovic.

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