What is the best tennis nation?

Its tough to know what the best nation is for tennis. Is it Spain, because the ATP World Number 1 is Spanish, or is it Switzerland, because they won this years Hopman Cup? In truth its very difficult to work out the best tennis nation. Although the Davis, Hopman and Fed Cups are all great tournaments with nations going up against each other, it does not demonstrate the depth of a nation, but the willingness of their best players to compete in it. In 2015, when Great Britain won the Davis Cup, Andy Murray was responsible for 11 of the  12 total rubbers Great Britain won in the whole tournament. Does that mean that British Tennis is doing better than every other nation, or did they simply benefit from having one of the best players in the world give his all for that title. The issue with then focusing purely on the top ranked players, is many of the best players trained outside of their own nations programme, travelling to various foreign academies to get the best training. A good indicator is to see how many players have cracked the top 100, not only in singles, but in the doubles as well. Which nations produce a coherent system of high quality players.

Well we did some research, and it shows that the USA is well in front, with the most players in every category. Spain and France complete the top three, both with high number of Male players. There are then countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, Romania and China who are producing high levels of Female players, however are slightly lacking on the Male side. Great Britain has snuck onto the list, thanks mainly to having the third highest number of doubles players. They may not all be winning titles, but these nations are the ones who are competing the most at the highest level.


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