Tennis player gets out phone after bad line call

In or Out? A seemingly simple question, yet it is still one of the most controversial parts of tennis. With the technology of this day and age, you would think we would be able to work out where the ball lands. The camera based line calling system Hawkeye does a great job of this, and is widely used across the tennis tour, however it is not used on clay. Why? Well the beauty of the clay is that the ball leaves a clear mark on where it has bounced. Look at a clay court before a match starts, and then after, and wow there is a difference.

So this means there is never a disagreement on a line call when playing on clay? Definitely not. Hungarian and world number 37 Marton Fucsovics discovered this first hand in his match against Nikoloz Basilashvili in the Italian Open.

At match point, Basilashvili hit his second serve wide, but the umpire overruled. Fucsovics asked for the umpire to come and have a look at the ball mark, but the umpire stood with his original call, stating the ball had caught the back of the line. Nikoloz Basilashvili therefore got his first serve back, and won the match.

Fucsovics was clearly unhappy with what occurred, so after the match he got his camera out, and decided to get some evidence for himself. He then put the image on his social media account and as a poll, and the results speak for themselves.

The umpire may see this and think, “Oh no, I was wrong” but there is a good chance he still believes it was in, and that the ball clipped the back end of the line, which it very well could have done. Unfortunately we don’t know, and until Hawkeye comes in on the clay, debates such as this one will keep occurring.

Check out what Denis Shapovalov had to say on the matter below

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