Lack of pace courts more controversy

FAST, slow, intermediate … the debate over hard courts playing slower than in previous years is here again.

Grass courts too, just look at some of the play at Wimbledon in past years, say some.

And slower courts will favour the clay court specialists. Players like Rafa Nadal – who tournament directors want to star at their events.

This last week in Canada the debate rolled on.

In an interview with the L’Equipe, the tournament director of the Montreal Open, Eugene Lapierre, revealed that the courts have been slower – and – higher bouncing.

“I think Nadal will love the surface,” Lapierre said.

We slowed it down a bit more so the players can be on an equal footing between the big hitters and the good returners, so it should suit him (Nadal) a little better.”

Dominic Thiem, who has a good week on the surface, after a disastrous european tour, said he observed during practice in Montreal that the surface has ‘decelerated’.

“Not very drastic,” he said later. “But the court has certainly slowed down.”

Thiem, remember, is another clay specialist.

So, great for the clay court boys – but not so good for others.

Those with a good slice will have a distinct advantage and a full power serve is back with a vegenance.

The debate continues.

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