Throw him off the circuit: fans call for Krygios ban

IS it the end for Aussie bad boy Nick Krgyios? End, as in suspension – for a long time.

Surely after the latest outburst of foul-mouthed abuse towards an umpire, Kyrgios should be suspended from all ATP events – for a lengthy period.


There’s McEnroe and Connors and a few others’ abuse – but this clearly crossed the line in Cincinnati.

Many are calling for the Aussie to be suspended from all ATP tours, and he has been handed a massive $167,000 fine.

In Australia tennis fans are wondering out loud what is wrong this with tennis bad boy.

“He’s had too many chances,” Melbourne’s 3AW host Neil Mitchell said.

“He should be thrown off the tennis circuit until he’s too old to pick up a racquet.

“He’s a fool. He’s wasting his talent and our goodwill.

“He has metaphorically spat in our faces, now he has almost literally done that, spitting in the direction of an umpire.

“A line has been crossed. There is nothing lower.

“He’s embarrassing the country.”

Another said he hadn’t just crossed the line, “he has spent his entire career on the wrong side of it”.

Sports Illustrated senior writer Jon Wertheim described Kyrgios’ behaviour as “weirdly deranged” and “indefensible”.

And Aussie tennis great Mark Woodforde said the latest incident was “extremely disappointing”.


“What was frightening for me was the kids after the match leaning over the fence around centre court wanting Kyrgios’ shoes, they were wanting the mangled rackets … that shouldn’t be happening after the display he displayed. That to me is troubling. That’s not the model for young kids,” Woodbridge said.

Sure, the latest tantrum where he abused and spat in the direction of a chair umpire at the Cincinnati Masters has seen him hit with a long list of fines, but fines don’t seems to be working.

Maybe a long spell on the sidelines will teach this young man that respect for the officials is paramount in almost every pro sport – no, in every sport.

From juniors, where kids look up to their heroes to elite levels – it is the bedrock of every sport.

Of course, the irony of all this, is Kyrgios, if he plays, will put bums on seats in New York.

AND to add fuel to this already out-of-control blaze, Kyrgios on Friday decided to blame his meltdown on the time violations he was called for, comparing his time between nerves to that of Rafa Nadal.

The Spaniard is notorious for slow serves, but Kyrgios, desperate to find some credibility, took aim.

“That’s hilarious, if Rafa (Rafael Nadal) plays that quick I’m retiring from tennis. Absolute rubbish… disgrace,” Kyrgios said.

“Get me some footage of Rafa playing that quick, that game. If you can find any of that I’ll shut my mouth and never speak again.”

Kyrgios then shared side-by-side footage of his Instagram account and according to the comparison, Kyrgios took 28.22 seconds between his point to take a serve while Nadal took 41 seconds.

Players have 30 seconds to serve before they are are warned by the umpire.   But the call has divided the tennis community with many calling his defence immature.

One fan said: “Come on Nick…. was it really necessary? This is not very mature. Rafa has nothing to do with your time violation warning, he’s not even playing in Cincinnati.”

As for suspension, the calls grow louder. The ATP said it was looking further into what happened during and immediately after the match to determine whether a suspension is warranted.

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