Gauff counts on Federer advice as career accelerates

Teenaged Linz champion Coco Gauff can count on infrequent advice from Roger Federer as her WTA career takes flight.

The young talent, aged 15, began fulfilling promise by winning her first WTA title on Sunday with a 6-3, 1-6, 6-2 defeat of former French Open winner Jelena Ostapenko at the Upper Austria Ladies tournament..

Federer’s Team8 management company – which he co-owns – got in on the ground floor of what promises to be Coco-mania,with the Floridian guided by the icon’s team.

Gauff said that the occasional advice she receives in private from the 20-tine Grand Slam legend is priceless.

“(We have only spoken) at the Grand Slams, they are the only places where were are both playing,” she said.

“Roger gave me some advice at the Australian Open juniors 2018 when I lost in the first round. He told me not to focus too much on the pressure or the outside drama. He gave me some perspective.

“Now, I try to enjoy the tennis and i barely think of that first-round loss two years later.”

Gauff will now head to next week’s WTA event in Luxembourg, which will end her season.

“For sure, I’m 100 per cent playing,” Gauff said after the Linz victory which will send her ranking toward 75th – and a guaranteed Australian Open main draw spot.

“I’m excited, it will be my last event for the year. I’m playing doubles there also (with regular partner Caty McNally)

“This is the opportunity to see how I perform at back-to-back tournaments.

“I’m excited.”

Due to her Linz breakthrough Gauff has already exceeded her career goals by some fair distance.

“My goal was the Top 100 and to get into the main draw of at least one Grand Slam. “I’ve accomplished all of those goals this year, now I need to work on improving my game.

“I’ve gone through what was supposed to be my timeline for the next two years. it’s been crazy.

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