Becker keeps the faith in fragile Halep

Becker tips Simona Halep to return to form in Melbourne

From his spot on the tennis sidelines, Boris has had the chance to weigh in on the weak season ending for former No. 1 Simona Halep, who crashed out in the group stage of the WTA Finals in China with one win and a pair of defeats.

Six-time Grand Slam winner Becker gave support to Romania’s top sportswoman on a visit to Bucharest, but warned that she needed to make some adjustments in her game.

The No. 4 Wimbledon champion, who will be rejoined in 2020 by former coach Darren Cahill after a season apart, never managed to work up any momentum after her triumph at the All England Club.

Becker says a change in tactics might be in order for the 2018 Roland Garros winner:

I’ve known Simona for a long time and commented (for Eurosport)  on her matches,” the 51-year-old said.

“She has unbelievable legs. Physically, she is not the tallest and the strongest. But she is very smart, she has a big heart. Now she is on holidays otherwise she would have been here.

“She’s at a top level. The question mark she should set is how she can go throughout a season as she looks very tired during the second half of the year because she needs to run a lot to win her matches.

“Physically and mentally, during the second half of the season she gets tired and winning two matches in a row becomes something complicated for her.”

But Becker has faith that with Australian Cahill back onside after taking a year at home in Adelaide, thing could come right again for Halep.

And he particularly likes her chances at the Aussie Open starting January 20.

“Because of the surface and since it’s the start of the year, that’s a place where I see her winning. I often speak with her but I do not think she needs my advice,” the German admitted.

“She has Darren and other coaches, a full team. I handle men’s tennis in Germany, I serve as a mentor to some of the best German players, I stay with the Davis Cup team,

“I give suggestions on important tournaments, so I am busy. But I only wish her the best.”

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