Newk-clear warning for “Wild Child” Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios advised to “zip up”  by Aussie Legend John Newcombe. Photo Anne Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

Aussie legend John Newcombe on Monday issued a friendly warning to NIck Kyrios, advising the current wild child of the ATP to stay out of trouble during the fast-approaching January summer of tennis,

Kyrgios will go into 2020 with the threat of an ATP suspension hanging over his head after a record fine of more that $100,000 last August following a meltdown in Cincinnati.

He was also handed a stipulation to keep his nose clean on and off the court, with one more infraction automatically leading to a 16-week suspension from the Tour.

Former No. 1 Newk, speaking in Melbourne during his annual assessment of the field for the Newcombe Cup tennis awards ceremony, said Kyrgios will have to “learn to zip it up” if he’s to avoid more punishment form an exasperated ATP.

The 30th-ranked player is serving a six-month probationary period but is allowed to play.

“I can’t speak for him but if it was me it would be tough having that ban hanging over you. But I guess you’ve just got to learn to zip up,” Newcombetold Australian media.

“I thought it was great that Nick (he played two singles matches at the event in Madrid (before a shoulder injury kicked in) played in the Davis Cup.

“But it’s a bit of a worry that he has recurring injuries – especially around where the muscles join the joints and that’s going to be an ongoing problem for him it seems.”

The seven-time Grand Slam champion added that Kyrgios is appearing fragile.

“At the Davis Cup he’d only played four sets of singles and his shoulder started to play up again and when you’ve got an injury like that it’s hard to go out and practice a lot.

“Leading into the Australian Open – five sets is a big ask for him.”

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