Kyrgios: Mates the key to my tennis motivation

Nick Kyrgios has confessed that he just doesn’t feel the urge on court without his mates backing him up on the bench.

The No. 29 whose semi-final defeat contributed to Australia’s team exit to Spain at the ATP Cup in Sydney, admits his energy levels are low during most of the long tennis grind.

And the Aussie bad boy who has shown his fragile side by kick-starting the current tennis relief effort for bushfire victims says that playing on the regular ATP circuit can often be a huge psychological chore for him.

“These boys (ATP Cup teammates) aren’t with me on the bench when I’m playing individual. I don’t know what it is,” he said.

“When I’m playing for myself, I don’t know, I find it hard to get up. My motivation levels are pretty low most of the time.”

Kyrgios, a major fan of NBA basketball who has sometimes regretted his choice of tennis as a sporting career, added:

“Something about these guys and playing for them brings it out in me. I’m a team player. If I wasn’t I probably would have had a very different four, six years of my career.

“It been an unbelievable eight or nine days with the boys. We have all won matches, great matches. It’s been a lot of fun.

“I just had the opportunity to play with Australia and hang out with these boys again was pretty awesome.”

Kyrgios is playing on the ATP under a suspension warning after copping a record $115,000 fine for an on-court meltdown last August in Cincinnati.

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