The BTCA Weekly Wellbeing Webinar

We started our first online get together on Monday and it was great to share our thoughts and swap some positive ideas about how we can get through this difficult time. It gave us the opportunity to talk to someone who understood where we were coming from, someone outside of our immediate families. This is going to become more and more important to us the longer this shutdown period extends.Shortly after, I spoke to my dear friend Enrique Guldberg from the Elitennis Academy in Barcelona, and I am delighted to say that he will now be joining us online this coming Monday.

These online get together sessions will help us to improve and maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing, but we will also be creating webinars that can help us improve and maintain the quality of our coaching, and we welcome anyone who feels that they would like to present a webinar with us.As part of this initiative, the following morning at 9am uk time Enrique will deliver ‘The Emotional Game’ webinar. This webinar deals with the following questions, and gives us the tools to help ourselves and our players deal with them…Are you facing mental issues when you are playing a match?
Are you getting tight?
Do you feel your body is not responding?
Are you thinking “too much” in your matches?
Are you usually feeling pressure coming from: Coaches, parents, friends?
Are you usually feeling like you get into a “paralysis”
Fear to loose? Fear to Win?

This whole initiative is something that coaches are doing for each other, and there will be no charges applied to any of these webinars, so you are free to share in them with us.Both myself and BTCA Chairman Paul Braithwaite will be in attendance to greet you, and this coming Monday we would ask all attendees to “Bring something to the table”. This means we would like you to find a positive story, phrase, piece of information, or anything that you feel would have a positive impact on the groups emotions. You don’t have to share it unless you want to, but bring it with you anyway.To register your interest for Monday simply follow the link below:JOIN THE GROUP

To sign up for the ‘Emotional Game’ webinar then use the following link: Register Here

We look forward to seeing you there

Take care and stay safe,

Best wishes,

Royston Kymberly,

National Manager, The British Tennis Coaches Association

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