Information for UKT Advertisers


“UK Tennis Magazine wins 6-0”


1- High Quality

UK Tennis Magazine is produced to a very high standard to ensure that you are proud to feature in it and be associated with such a high-quality publication.

2- Unique

Although there are other tennis magazines on the market, these are aimed solely at the tennis fan, featuring articles on tennis fashions, players and the like. Where UK Tennis is different is that it is aimed at the currently untapped market that is the clubs coaches & players and all areas that service them, such as the equipment suppliers, insurance services, tennis holidays, court resurfacing companies, etc.

3- Truly National

The circulation of UK Tennis Magazine is truly national, covering all areas of the UK from Cornwall to Inverness, from Belfast to Dover. This ensures that business benefits can be obtained by both large, multi-national tennis companies and small, local tennis companies too, wherever they may be based. UK Tennis Magazine is also the official publication for the British Tennis Coaches Association, whose members are delivered a complimentary copy every month.

4- Longevity

Due to the format, digital quality and the relevance of the articles in UK Tennis Magazine it will not be read only once , but will continually be referred to again and again.

5- Distribution/Circulation

UK Tennis magazine is published on a monthly basis and circulated directly to over 20,000 tennis enthusiasts throughout the UK and International Markets.

UK Tennis Magazine is forwarded on by 1,000s of tennis clubs and coaches and has an estimated readership of well over 100,000 people related to the sport of tennis, including those people who make the buying decisions at many tennis establishments. Corporate Members will also have their adverts promoted in the UK Tennis website and social media drives at no extra cost.

6- UK Tennis Magazine represents superb value If your target market includes tennis clubs, tennis coaches, tennis parents, tennis players or tennis decision-makers. Through UK Tennis Magazine, your business can hit the high-value audience you need.