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Practice ‘Hacks’ by Mark Gellard from UKT Magazine #29

Article taken from UK Tennis Magazine Edition #29 – To see this article in its original format Click Here Time is valuable. Creating a practice that not only optimizes your time but that also prioritizes fundamental components of the game is paramount. Instead of adopting a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ approach on the practice court, having a

Doubles, A Team Game or 2 Partnered Singles Players?

The singles game of tennis is by far the most publicised, watched and financed version of the game, however, if you ask the majority of club players if they ever play singles, the answer will be no. Doubles is the game most club players will play, but why is it so poorly received on TV and at pro tournaments? One

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Youth vs Experience in Modern Day Tennis

Professional tennis seems to be a bit of an enigma when compared to the rest of the sporting world. In the modern world, youth is the desired factor in many sports. The high transfer fees you see in football are for young talented players, whilst the older players go to less demanding leagues like the MLS or Japan. The average