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Bronze = Qtr Page Advertisement in 12 Editions

Silver = Half Page Advertisement in 12 Editions

Gold = Full Page Advertisement in 12 Editions

Platinum = Double Page Advertisement in 12 Editions

What you get with your Corporate Membership


Your business will have an advertisement in every one of our monthly magazines for a year, with the size of your advertisement dependent on the Corporate Membership level you take out.

Email Marketing

Your business will have the opportunity to be included in our weekly Netpost newsletter, which you can use to promote your business or any offers you currently have available.

Social Media

The UK Tennis Facebook and Instagram accounts will share posts made on your social media pages to increase your posts reach.


Your business will have its on dedicated page on the UK Tennis Website, that will contain your businesses bio, contact information, media and links to direct visitors back to your own website


As part of your Corporate Membership, you can have a free tradestand at the BTCA National Conference which takes place every December by 200 coaches over 2 days.

Your business can also take out a vendor or service base on, the Sport and Lifestyle Marketplace, completely free

Why take out Corporate Membership with UKT

High Quality

UK Tennis Magazine is produced to a very high standard to ensure that you are proud to feature in it and be associated with such a high-quality publication.


Although there are other tennis magazines on the market, these are aimed solely at the tennis fan, featuring articles on tennis fashions, players and the like. Where UK Tennis is different is that it is aimed at the currently untapped market that is the clubs coaches & players and all areas that service them, such as the equipment suppliers, insurance services, tennis holidays, court resurfacing companies, etc.

Truly National

The circulation of UK Tennis Magazine is truly national, covering all areas of the UK from Cornwall to Inverness, from Belfast to Dover. UK Tennis Magazine is also the official publication for the British Tennis Coaches Association, whose members are delivered a complimentary copy every month.


Due to the format, digital quality and the relevance of the articles in UK Tennis Magazine it will not be read only once , but will continually be referred to again and again.


UK Tennis Magazine is published on a monthly basis and circulated directly to over 10,000 tennis enthusiasts throughout the UK and International Markets, as well as to over 2,000 British tennis clubs, and 5,000 British Coaches.

UK Tennis Magazine represents superb value If your target market includes tennis clubs, tennis coaches, tennis parents, tennis players or tennis decision-makers. Through UK Tennis Magazine, your business can hit the high-value audience you need.


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